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I really enjoyed the coaching sessions with Sue who has a professional kind and friendly manner that allows you to relax and tell your story.

However, Sue also challenges your perspectives and allows you to clarify your thinking and provides helpful strategies to do this in a way that allows you to see new directions. A very enlightening experience. Thank you Sue

Lorraine, Retiree, Galway

The coaching with Sue really exceeded my expectations. Sue is a great listener and so warm and kind. She really helped me in so many ways including approaching life situations from a new perspective. I have taken away so much from the coaching. It is really life changing! Thank you so much Sue for everything!

Kelly Sparks, Software Developer, Dublin

Having invited Sue to facilitate a workshop for a number of women’s sheds throughout Co. Meath, we were not disappointed. Sue put together an interesting, informative, and thought-provoking schedule for us. At the end of the session, we were left well equipped with a number of really useful and practical tools, but we were also gently nudged and sometimes challenged to question our own thinking, so important for our personal and professional growth. Sue didn’t just offer suggestions but took the time to explain the reasons why these techniques worked or were important. Sue is a genuine people person, empathic, kind, and compassionate. Her lovely personality shines through and her effective communication encourages people to be open, share and question, in the knowledge that they are in a safe and supportive environment at all times. Sue is also very talented at pacing and aiming her subject matter to meet and support whatever your individual requirement may be, and more than willing to spend time with you to get this just right. It is no surprise that she was named as one of the top coaches in Galway earlier this year!

Mary Farrelly, The Women's Shed, Co. Meath, Ireland

 "Great advice and so positive. Makes me realise I need to be able to set boundaries for myself, including saying no, to allow me to be at my full potential. Then you can give more fully  to others.


I highly recommend Sue for her positive, gentle and passionate approach to her work. Sue has this amazing way of helping me to feel relaxed, calm and grounded especially when my head keeps reminding me of all I have to do. Thank you Sue.


Sue delivered a Stress management workshop in our Bite Sized Upskilling programme. I received excellent feedback particularly about her speaking ability and passion and knowledge on the subject. -

Bridgit Quinlan, TrainedIn

Working with Sue  has been such a wonderful experience.

She is expert in her field. She has a gentle but firm approach. After every session I felt a weight had been lifted. My energy shifted and I was able to breathe easier.

I gained clarity, focus, got out of my head, and got the tools to learn to do it for myself.

I cannot recommend Sue  highly enough. Working with her over a number of weeks had a huge positive impact on my personal and business growth. And since working with Sue I my business is thriving because I now have a plan, focus, and the tools. And when I get those feeling of overwhelm I know what works for me and what to do.

I will be heading into 2022 fully loaded and ready for action. With new perspectives, tools, focus, and clarity. And I will forward to working with Sue again. This is the best money I have ever spent.

Everyone needs to work with Sue at lest once

Adrienne Lee, Business Owner, Dublin

"I felt I needed to be more present and grounded and to slow down.

Now I feel I have the tools to help me remain calm and positive in stressful situations.

The one big difference for me now is how relaxed I am as well as feeling more confident.

Take time for yourself even if it is only 5 minutes. I find if I meditate first thing in the morning it sets me up for the day.

I will now meditate daily and practice some of the exercises I have learned to help with overwhelming situations.

I would highly recommend this course to others as it is easy to follow,has great content and has helped me be more focused and grounded."

Donna Stanton, Super Valu Manager, Barna, Galway.

"Thank you so much for your amazing talk and workshop. We all benefited from it. You have such a gentle approach to  your work. Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit".

Wellness Lifestyle Festival

"I found the 6 week sessions of Mindfulness to be very beneficial to me. Susan has an easy way of teaching, she has an open and relaxed personality which really helped me feel more comfortable. I learned breathing techniques and tips that will help me manage my anxiety and stress levels. I am thankful to Susan for sharing her knowledge and life experiences. This has helped me see how I can change how I react in situations. I appreciate Susan's time and her teaching me, as I have learned lots of useful tips from her in the 6 weeks."

Ann, age 23, Galway, Ireland

"I found the course to be fun and engaging. It was very informative and practical. It opened my eyes and helped me to see things from a new perspective. It gave me new skills to practice and use in everyday life. I recommend this mindfulness course."

John, age 26, Galway, Ireland

"For me the six sessions content, the pace of delivery and the titles of each session worked very well, as they all blended in well and at the end, provide a solid comprehensive tool kit of Mindfulness skills to use, to positively benefit many aspects within you life (well-being and health, stress management, inner happiness, deeper self awareness etc).

I would highly recommend doing this Mindfulness course with Susan. Thank you Susan."


- self-compassion workshop attendee

"We completed the course over the weekend . My daughter said that she’ll be going over them again as and when needed - as will I.

Thank you, thank you again.


This course has helped us in so many ways".

"More positive habits are being instilled, and it’s so encouraging".


Mum to two teenagers, Dubai

 Meditation Reviews

(Insight Timer)​

In Torren, Mexico

Thank you 😊​


Very calming, wonderfully relaxing, extremely refreshing stress relieving meditation! Thank you! 🤗😤😎🤩👍😃🌹🌹🌹


Anchor Of Awareness

Thank you! Just what I needed between tasks on a busy day.


Anchor Of Awareness 

yesterday in van nuys ca

excellent...Thank you Namaste​


yesterday in Johnson City, TN, USA

Thank you 💙


yesterday in Vienna, Austria

Beautiful and very relaxing. Thank you❣️🌼


 in Falmouth, Maine, United States

Very good short meditation to tense then relax muscles. *


 Sale, Australia

Thankyou - great way to start the day


​ in Edmonton, Canada

very comforting​


 Westlake Village, CA, USA

Thank you. ❤️


 Schwerin, Germany

Thank you 🙏

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