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Model of Coaching


What is coaching?

A present and future-focused safe creative space to grow and explore new thinking and perspectives. As a strengths coaches we offer a high-impact coaching environment where we partner with you to maximize personal and professional potential.


What is the W.I.N coaching model?

This model of coaching (Whole-system integrated with neuroscience) focuses on whole wellbeing. It is underpinned by positive psychology and emotional intelligence and powered by neuroscience.  This means we take the latest research in human development and neuroscience to facilitate the coaching process which enables sustainable positive change.

This method of coaching integrates and aligns your three brains - head, heart and gut leading to greater clarity, wellness and supports in living a more fulfilling and happier life. It increases self awareness which is the foundation of excellent communication, teamwork  and leadership.

What's involved in the coaching process?

We partner in a confidential and safe space where you can expect healthy challenge, which is an exciting space enabling you to access new thinking and perspectives. Sessions are ususally one hour duration facilitated two weeks apart. We use cutting-edge techniques and exercises and impactful questioning to progress your agenda. 

Why choose me as your coach?

We are partners in the coaching journey and I support you throughout the process.  I am trained as a strengths coach with Positive Success Group and have been mentored by highly respected trainers in the industry. I am accredited with WACN (World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience) and uphold the highest standards of the global code of ethics for coaching. 

I bring enthusiasm and compassion to each session. I am completely committed to supporting you and your team where the values of trust, respect, non-judgment, honesty, openness and 100% confidentiality are upheld to the highest degree. With experience in the area of coaching, personal development and mindfulness for more than twenty-five years I have extensive experience working with and developing individuals globally.

What are the benefits of coaching for your team?

  • Effectively navigate challenges and change 

  • Develop more connected and cohesive relationships 

  • Use and grow individual strengths and talents

  • Boost optimism, motivation and fulfillment


Where to begin?

Book a call today to explore how we can support you.



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