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Positive relationships are the foundation of any successful organisation. 

Developing skills to connect and communicate in a clear, compassionate, calm and confident manner supports the development of more colaborative and cohesive teams which is reflected in higher productivity and performance. 

This is achieved by creating a culture that nurtures the psychological safety of their teams which is key to the success of any organisation. 

I offer a support service that creates such a culture and develops individuals by linking personal development to professional performance through

  • Group coaching

  • One to one coaching

  • Mindfulness training

  • Personal development workshops

Coaching Services

Our high impact coaching sessions deliver in unearthing new thinking and behaviours creating sustainable positive change.

Coaching supports:

developing emotional intelligence skills

effectively/positively navigating and adapting to change

developing creative solutions to new challenges

stress management

effective conflict resolution

attracting and retaining top talent

growth of emerging leadership roles

One to One Coaching 

Individuals work one to one with coach linking personal development to professional performance.


To partner with individuals to develop

self perception

self expression

interpersonal skills

effective decision making 

stress management skills


Increase in confidence and growth of unique strengths and talents. With increased self awareness individuals are more likely to take personal responsibility to own and grow their own success.

One hour sessions facilitated two weeks apart.

Number of session to suit company and individual needs.



To engage individuals on how to better support their personal and workplace wellbeing. 

1.Less stress more success

Learn techniques to  better regulate stress and avoid burnout.

2.Communicate to connect

Develop skills to build more positive and effective relationships. 

3.Self Care

Explore effective ways to achieve work/life balance and increase own effectiveness.

1 1/2 hour practical, engaging and interactive coaching and mindfulness workshops facilitated via zoom.


Group Coaching 

Individuals work independently within a group on common agenda.

4 x One hour sessions each facilitated two weeks apart.  

1 follow up One hour session after 4 weeks.

Bespoke coaching to meet organisation's agenda.


Grow strengths to increase confidence and leverage future successes.
Establish values to gain clarity and focus enhancing a more  effective and cohesive team
Create healthy boundaries which support positive relationships.

Each participant will walk away with a better understanding of themselves, new insights and perspectives that will support future positive success both personally and professionally.

Step Away For A Day
A space for leaders to recalibrate, create a renewed vision and roadmap to act from an unshakable foundation for success.
Are you ready?



Join us for 1 1/2 days to experience what it feels like to step away and slow down from the busyness of everyday life.

Explore new ways of creating solutions that allow you and your teams to perform with an unshakable foundation. 

With our three step process you learn practical techniques that enable you to gain clarity, create a renewed vision and roadmap on how to implement positive change within your personal and professional life immediately.

Next event 21st/22nd October 2022.

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What Our Clients Say

Bridgit Quinlan, TrainedIn

Sue delivered a Stress management workshop in our Bite Sized Upskilling programme. I received excellent feedback particularly about her speaking ability and passion and knowledge on the subject. -

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