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mindfulness mentoring group

Deep in Thought

Do you feel - 

  • Dread facing another week?

  • Exhausted and challenged before you even begin?

  • It's difficult to manage your stress levels?

  • You get easily triggered by people and situations?

  • You find it hard to focus on what you need to do?

  • Overwhelmed by whats expected of you?

Then Join our group if you wish to -

  • Learn a new technique each week to help you manage challenges and reduce stress.

  • Feel more calm, confident and in control in your life.

  • Enjoy a safe space to get support when you need

What you receive -

  • 1 hour 1-1 personalised mindfulness mentoring session

  • Quick easy to understand and implement mindfulness practice and short meditation delivered each Sunday at 8 p.m to the Inner-Happy facebook group MyInnerHappy. 

  • Wednesday 8 p.m. Live check in and short meditation

  • Short and effective audio practices and meditations 

  • Ongiong group mentoring to support  your challenges

  • Monthly zoom meeting with a health/wellbeing expert 

Just 37 euro per month to begin transforming your life in a positive way.

That's 1 daily coffee for 2 weeks.

You're wellbeing and happiness are worth so much

more than that.

Simply click below to invest in yourself

with an easy recurring monthly subscription (cancel anytime)


I will add you to the private My Inner Happy Facebook Group

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