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Creativity Increases Curiosity

creativity to expand mind
Creativity expands your mind

I previously labeled myself as not being creative. I was wrong. We are all creative. I no longer use labels either, they limit us.

Exploring your creative side allows you to shift out of the left brain lateral thinking into a right-brain abstract and creative state.

By accessing this state of mind we can see things more objectively as it calms our mind. A calm mind sees with greater clarity and is less reactive. We become more curious and see more possibilities as we loosen the rigidity of our right-brain thinking. We become more flexible, open and curious about what is possible. This increases our adaptability to expand and grow which harnesses greater positive personal and professional success.

Coaching Question:

How would being more creative benefit you personally and professionally?

Mindfulness Technique:

Choose a new creative activity/project to explore your creative side. Note how it makes you feel?

Wishing you a curious and creative week ahead.


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