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love's emotional triggers

A beautiful day to celebrate Love or a day that triggers an emotional rollercoaster. The day remains the same, it's our perception, expectation and experience of how this day 'should' look that can send us into a high speed spin.

Love is the most beautiful gift. Everything feels light and easier. We feel energised and tend to see the world through rose tinted spectacles. Love seems to conquer all of our fears as we glide happily through each day.

Life happens and that love can fade into a distant memory right in front of our rose tinted specs and the 'I can do anything' attitude can dwindle into a 'I can't do a thing' state of being. More often than not we learn, we grow and we move on. One door closes, another door opens as they say.

However this rollercoaster ride can leave us mentally, emotionally and physically depleated causing stress and anxiety in overly generous portions impacting all aspects of our life. Our bounce back ability is determined by our ability to understand and positively manage these strong and difficult emotions as they arise. How can we do this most effectively?

-Acknowledging, allowing and accepting strong emotions without surpressing any of them

-Notice where you feel the emotions in your body and release them with a body scan/breathwork

-Naming the strong emotions enables you to befriend them and also prevents you becoming hijacked by them

-Recognising that you are not alone in your pain and unease

-Asking yourself 'What do I need to hear and do to feel supported'

-Give yourself the space and time you need to process your emotions

-Tune into a supportive and confidential network

-Engage in daily practices that support you to regulate heightened emotions

Coaching and Mindfulness Practices are hugely beneficial in supporting you to understand and manage strong emotions in a helpful, positive and practical way enabling you to bounce back more easily and quickly.

I am here to support you.


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