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Curiousity breeds Possibility


As children we embodied such a curious and inquisive mind. We were like sponges soaking up everything life had to offer. It was all new and exciting. At some point along the way (In my opinion) our curiosity waned having spent years in an education system that teaches and is not afforded ample time for rich exploration and free thinking. I also believe many of us have become rigid and fixed in our thinking and attitudes. We feel as though we have seen and experienced so much already that there isn't much that is new. However, by adopting a curious mind and an open heart we open ourselves to so much more that we simply couldn't see before.

How would this benefit you?

In any role we play professionally we can learn and grow daily. It is this growth that brings fulfillement and satisfaction.

Growth comes through adopting an attitude of curiosity:

  • Listen deeply to understand others' perspectives

  • Engage openly ready to learn something new

  • Ask questions rather than advising

As a Mindfulness Practice I invite you to view people, events, things as though you were an alien who just landed from planet Mars. You are seeing everything for the first time. Become more aware and present, engaging all of your senses and notice how it alters your experiences.

This supports eliminating our existing biases towards others and our predetermined attitudes possibly construed on a skewed perspective of a past experience.

Learning to live each moment with a sense of curiosity brings excitement and a renewed positive energy. It opens you up to more possibilities and opportunities leading you towards greater personal and professional success.

Where can you become a little more curious this week?

The outcome may surprise you!

Wishing you an insightful week!


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