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Be Intentional

The allure of working from home is high, offering so much more flexibility as well as saving so much time. We have all experienced the benefits and indeed the challenges of engaging in this workspace. Entering this phase of work from home it would be wise to look at what has worked and what could we do differently to support ourselves. Just taking a few minutes to reflect upon and establish a new game plan putting strong healthy boundaries in place would serve us well.

As a coach with neuroscience I consider your whole wellbeing, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Considering your whole being throughout your day enables you to achieve more balance and create a sustainable routine that supports you.

It is more beneficial to learn to deal with stress in the moment rather than say "It's ok I'll be able to go for a run or to the gym later." There are so many stress management techniques you can use in that moment of stress. You breath is the quickest and most effective way to reduce stress. The more you practice the quicker it will become your 'go to' response to stress thus curtailing the hijack of your executive brain function putting you back in control. Not to mention all the other effects on your system. Consider starting today with a breathwork practice and use it every time you boil the kettle or pick up your phone. Attaching the practice to something you do often throughout the day will help you remember to do it and it's a quicker way to create a new healthy habit. Inhale for the count of four. Exhale for the count of eight. The longer exhale calms your nervous system. Try it! It's yours and it's free.

When you take breaks be intentional about your time and what you do. Asking yourself "What do I need in this moment?" - Fresh air, a few star jumps, a blast of music from Alexa or a quick power walk. "What do I need to hear?" - Is my self talk supporting or sabotaging me. Shift gear to what serves you best. We have a choice. Everything we think and do brings us down a path of threat and fear or one of positivity, calm and reward. Choose your state. Be intentional. Supporting your whole wellbeing throughout the day doesn't need to be something extra you have to do, it's about doing what you already do, mindfully.

Have a great week and take care of yourself.


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