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It's sabotage

I was my own worst enemy for over 36 years although I saw everyone else as the threat due to crippling anxiety. I was a walking bag of shaking bones! I can smile at it now because I have conquered it. My motto this year is 'Be Fearless'. To be an independent fearless thinker, fearlessly stay on my own path trusting my own inner guidance, fearlessly seeking ways to challenge myself by trying new things and continue to learn and grow. This was impossible up to age 36. Simply impossible. I have learned to love, accept and positively challenge myself. I have learned about managing my thoughts and understanding the workings of the brain in human behaviour. We unconsciously limit ourselves and it's sabotage.

This is a blind spot for many as we are dogged by evolutionary echoes (beliefs handed down to us that we just accept without examining them and exploring our own truths). We believe our own thoughts as fact, often not realising that mistrust and fear are default states to keep us safe. That's allowing our primitive reptilian brain to dominate. Many are left brain dominant where our scope for full exploration of creativity is hindered. We are only beginning to understand our heart and gut brains as centres of intelligence often greatly underutilised and valued.

It is not the thoughts alone that pose a challenge. It's our absolute conviction of their truth and our attachment to them. Thoughts are simply thoughts, activated by environment, events, memories (which often cannot be relied on either). Thinking is of course genius and propels us forward. However it is the unhelpful thoughts that we tend to cling to that limit us, cause undue stress and worry and prevent us from positively moving on.

One thing I did to manage this racing mind was to become the observor of my thoughts.

This detatches me from them so they are no longer me. I create space between me and them. I watch them come and go and don't become attached to them unless they serve me well. Give them a name. Thank them but say that I don't need them anymore. I am safe. Ask them to come along for the exciting ride!

This way you are not supressing or ignoring your harsh inner critic or other limiting thought patterns, you are accepting, detaching and releasing. This is something you can practice throughout the day and have fun with it. You'll be amazed at the stories you create! By the way are you the one doing the thinking or are you the observor of your thoughts?

By developing this mental muscle you will gain control over your mindset. Set yourself free of false self imposed perceived limitations. It will positively change your life.

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