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Keeping calm amid uncertainty

Have you become more skillful at riding the waves of change this year?

Does uncertainty and unpredictability destabilise you or do you remain grounded and steady?

Challenge and change are here to stay. How we perceive it is what makes the difference. The use of the words 'Challenge and change' can activate threat in our system. What if we reframe these words as 'Opportunity and growth'. Notice how these words make you feel instead. Is there a difference?

The words we use impact how we feel which in turn influence our actions. Keeping calm amid uncertainty allows us to access more possibilities as we have a greater capacity for creative thinking. We gain new insights and our options expand. We see potenital which feels exciting and energising. Compare this to envisaging the unknown as a threat. This encourages a fixed mindset languished in limitation and defeat. How does that feel? Which perspective do you choose?

Realising that you have a choice is the game changer.

With this knowing, take positive actionable steps to realise the gift and opportunity in each situation.

Mindfulness and Coaching prompts to support you this week:

A few times a day ask yourself:

What am I thinking?

How are these thoughts supporting me positively move forward?

How can I view this from a more positive perspective?

What can I do?

Practice to stay calm and grounded.

  • Shift your attention to your feet. Tense and relax your feet.

  • Now move your focus to your legs. Tense and relax your legs.

  • Notice your arms. Tense and then relax them, letting go of all tension.

  • Focus on your shoulders. Tense and allow your shoulders to drop.

  • Take a deep breath in for the count of three and exhale for count of six. Repeat.

What will you do to remain more calm this week?

Notice the impact this has on you?

Have a fantastic week ahead and let me know how you get on!


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