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Set your State for Success

As many bid a fond farewell to 2021 it is hugely beneficial to take time to focus on what went right, the happy times, the small wins and anything that draws you into a positive and rewarding state of mind. We tend to remember and ruminate on what didn't go to plan and allow it to consume us as we repeatedly replay stories and events preventing us from positively moving forward. It is important to see what didn't work, note what you can do differently and move on.

By noticing all the things that went well we shift our mindset to one that better serves and supports us. What I love about this is all of the experiences you recall are evidence based and true for you. No affirmations to recite that you don't really believe! Cultivating a more calm, rewarding and positive state of mind affects our lives in so many ways:

  • We think more clearly when calm so we make better decisions.

  • We can regulate our emotions so we respond rather than react.

  • We feel more optimistic enabling us to see opportunities and possibilities.

  • Life feels and happier and we enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

  • We give ourselves a greater chance of optimal health as stress depresses the immune system and so much more.

Coaching Prompt:

List what went right this year/what you enjoyed and how you felt at the time.

Reflect on how you feel as you do this exercise.

Mindfulness Technique:

Slow down and seek out the little things you are grateful for throughout each day.

This supports the growth of more dominant positive neural pathways in your brain.

Over time you will enjoy a more calm and happier way of living. What a beautiful way to be!

Warmest regards always


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Set yourself for Success

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